Our Firm

Why choose The GenWealth Group?

We think about wealth management differently. We're an independent firm and that means independent thinking for our clients. The GenWealth Group offers clients a number of important benefits:

Greater Independence - Since we're not part of a brokerage firm with in-house products and services to sell, we provide you with objective guidance to help meet your financial goals.

Interests Aligned with Yours - Our compensation is based on a percentage of assets under management, so our success is directly related to yours.

Experience and Qualifications - The professionals at The GenWealth Group bring premier expertise to each client relationship - backed by industry credentials including the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) Standard.

A Strategy for "All Seasons" - "How long will it last?"

This question plagues many investors, but we ask a different one: "Are you prepared?"

With today's volatile markets, investors need to be ready for just about anything. We can't accurately predict what economic condition is approaching, so we create portfolios that seek to withstand what may come. Our "all season" approach helps clients to have investments that can flourish in various market conditions.