What to Expect

Whether you are a prospective client or are already engaged with us, you can expect highly personalized service and great attention to detail. The GenWealth "experience" is a systematic approach that includes the following phases:


At The GenWealth Group, we invest time in our clients before investing their money. We believe that a successful relationship is a two-way street —if we do it well —you’ll know as much about us as we know about you. Together, we’ll discover if our philosophies and services are aligned with your needs.

At our first meeting, we’ll tell you about our practice, our services and our fees. However, we’ll spend most of the time talking about you. To help us better understand your current financial position, we’ll ask you to bring along relevant documents which may include:

  • Current Account Statements (brokerage, pension, 401k, IRA, etc.)
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Documents


The next step is to analyze what we found and formulate a personalized financial plan. We'll present our recommendations to you and discuss all of the pros and cons. We'll answer any questions and offer a set of clear next steps.


Upon engagement with our firm, we’ll begin the process of seamlessly transitioning your assets. We’ll determine any cash management needs and begin implementing your financial plan as agreed.


GenWealth delivers value to clients beyond portfolio management. We offer many complementary services including:

  • On-Line Account Access (available 24/7 to view account holdings)
  • Education About How to Read Your Monthly Statement (or making them paperless)
  • Quarterly Conference Calls With Your Advisor
  • Mid-Year Portfolio Review (new clients)
  • Annual Portfolio Review
  • Consultation With Your Other Advisors (accountant, attorney)
  • Newsletters and Educational Seminars
  • Special Events


Through systematic conference calls and in-person meetings, we’ll continually discuss your portfolio in light of current market conditions. As your needs change or life takes a bend in the road, we’ll work to ensure that your financial plans are adjusted to keep you on the right path.


All clients are invited to join us for an Annual Review of their portfolio. During this comprehensive meeting, we not only evaluate the portfolio, but we also cover many other related financial matters (such as estate planning, tax issues, insurance, etc.) It’s our goal as wealth-managers to ensure that all aspects of your finances are aligned and protected.